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mahala merchant
How Easy is Mahala Wallet to Set Up?
You’re Seconds Away From Seamless and Secure Shopping for Your Entire Digital World.
Step 1: Get the app by scanning the Mahala Wallet QR code above with your Android or iPhone. You can also search for “Mahala Wallet” in your Android or iPhone mobile store. Or, you can sign up on this page.
Step 2: Once downloaded, use Mahala Wallet to scan your debit or credit card. Or, follow instructions for manual set up.
Step 3: Start enjoying the better way to pay!
You can quickly and securely link your debit, credit, ACH or PayPal accounts! 
How Easy is Mahala Wallet to Use?
Step 1: When you see an S-QR™ on something in-person, online or in print that you want to buy, click your Mahala Wallet app icon on your phone.
Step 2: Scan the S-QR with the Mahala scanner. You can also use ANY other regular QR scanner (i.e. RedLaser, etc.)
Step 3: Enter your Mahala PIN and confirm – that’s it! You’ll receive an email confirmation of your purchase. If you used another scanner, you will need to enter your payment details as usual.
For online purchases, you can also click an S-QR with your mouse to buy!


Why is Mahala Wallet the Better Way to Pay?
You can shop wherever you spend time, online or off – including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and any website – without ever leaving the site.
Fraud is minimized, because you NEVER pass financial info to sellers.
It can be securely connected to your debit, credit, bank (ACH) or PayPal account.
It’s compliant with industry security standards and offers PIN-based transactions.
It’s faster than plastic.
Where Can Mahala Wallet Be Used?
The Mahala team is working to make Mahala shopping as ubiquitous in the digital world as plastic is.
The secure Mahala Wallet has been tested by the likes of Hip Hop legends Wu Tang Clan, Country Rock Star Sonia Leigh, Atlanta Falcons star all-pro receiver Roddy White, Rap Supergroup Slaughterhouse, musicians such as Brooke Eden and Mandy Gawley, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, SERV International and many more.
We’re also working with major record labels to make music purchases from your favorite artists easier for you and more profitable for the artists you love.
Download Mahala Wallet, and you can be on the forefront of a digital payments revolution in which you and the people you buy from are empowered.

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